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Brief Description / Authorization

Kiel University can take advantage of Adobe's CLP, VIP, and ETLA/Desktop licensing programs (both rental and subscription) to purchase Adobe software/licenses at competitive prices.

  • Purchase of Adobe licenses/software:
    Via the CLP contract, procurement/order e.g. via the ASKNET webshop
    You receive an unrestricted license to use.
    Please note that only an increasingly limited selection of Adobe products are available for CLP purchase, e.g. Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and the Creative Cloud Suite are not available for purchase in CLP.
  • Adobe licenses/software rental:
    • VIP in the variants Device and Named (i.e. device or user-based)
      • You can use the VIP contract concluded by the computeing centre for Kiel University. You can always rent until the anniversary of the current rental period of this contract. The anniversary is December 28th.
        Order e.g. via the ASKNET webshop
        You will receive installation packages from the computing centre e.g. by request by mail to
      • Alternatively, you can also conclude your own VIP contract through a software dealer of your choice
    • ETLA / Desktop
      Kiel University can co-use an ETLA/desktop contract of the so-called 'Northern Alliance' (lead management: University of Hamburg).

      The rent thus made possible always runs until the end of the contract on 20 November 2019 and is billed annually on the anniversary. License orders are placed via the company Cancom. Installation packages can also be ordered there.
      Contact for orders: Mr Kallies/Cancom (tel.: +49 341 240455 7087)
      Further information on the ETLA/desktop contract can be found university-internal here.
    • License types of the rental licenses
      Please note that ETLA/Desktop and VIP/Device licenses are device-based and run via a serial number (i.e. not bound to a person)



  • 8 May 2019: Adobe sends mails announcing older versions of Creative Cloud products as 'no longer authorized'.
    Quotation: 'Bitte beachten Sie, dass eine weitere Nutzung dieser älteren Versionen eine Rechtsverletzung darstellen und Ansprüche Dritter zur Folge haben kann.'
    Subject to legal review of this allegation, here is the Adobe notice:
  • Oktober 2018:
    Cancom: 'Kunden die per Seriennummer installiert haben, können keine Updates auf die 2019er Version fahren'. This concerns especially licenses from VIP/Device and ETLA/Desktop.
    Further information on internal-readable pages of Kiel University (in german)


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