Return boxes in the Computing Centre

As of January 2017, the determination of the return box (in German: "Rückgabefächer") is created in a different way.


The return box is no longer built up by the used account data with the pattern suabc123, but the billing code number.  Hierbei gilt für die meisten Fächer eine einfache Systematik: The name of the return box is created by the final digits of the billing code, whereby two number combinations share a box.


  • Box 45-46 is meant for final digits 45 and 46, thus for codes of this pattern: 145, 146, 245, 246, 345, 346 and so on
  • Box 77-78 is meant for final digits 77 and 78, and thus for codes of this pattern 177, 178, 277, 278, 377, 378 and so on

For some customers special return boxes intended, which are displayed after submitting the order.

Displaying the name of the "Rückgabefach"

at submitting the order

After submitting an order and choice of the return room, the number of the return box is beeing displayed on the confirmation page.

Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee

In the list of the submitted orders

After the log in at, a list of your latest orders will be displayed. Moreover, this list states also the return box number (in German: "Rückgabefachnummer").


Return room

In the return room of the Computing Centre the front of the box is labelled with the regarding return box number.


Thin-Client in the return room for displaying the order with the regarding "Fach Nr".

In the return room, there is a so-called thin client, at which you can log in with the account data, which has been used for submitting the poster print order. In case the device is not switched on, please simply switch it on and wait until it has booted:

Thin-Client im Rückgaberaum

The symbol 'Posterprint' can be found on the desktop

Desktop-Symbol Posterprint

Please double click the symbol 'Posterprint'. Then you can log into poster print and see the startup screen with your latest orders with the regarding return box numbers. (please see above).