ITB-Info: Microsoft federal contract and Select Plus: Use of volume license agreements by Kiel University

Kiel University can use so-called 'volume license agreements' to acquire or exercise usage rights for Microsoft products:

  • Purchase: Select Plus - framework agreement with Microsoft for the purchase of (usually) permanent licenses

    Users within Kiel University purchase licenses for Microsoft products via a webshop from ASKNET.
    As a rule, permanent licenses/rights of use are purchased for individual products/installations.
  • Rent: Campus/CASA - Framework contract of the LRZ Munich (Leibniz Computing Centre) for the rental of usage rights ('Microsoft Federal Contract')

    Kiel University has joined the so-called Microsoft federal contract of the LRZ Munich with Microsoft. This contract is a so-called CASA contract ('Campus and School Agreement'). The accession took place in the form of an EES ('Enrollment for Education Solutions'; explanations of the EES can be found, for example, in a corresponding EES Volume Licensing Guide (PDF)).

    Through this membership, temporary usage rights for the so-called Education Desktop with Core CAL Suite were acquired. The rights of use apply in accordance with the license regulations for the business use of Microsoft products by employees of Kiel University on computers of Kiel University.
    The current rental period runs until 30.4.2019.
    The Education Desktop with CoreCAL Suite consists of the following components:
    • Windows Enterprise-Upgrade / Windows Education Upgrade
    • Office Professional Plus and Office for Mac
    • Core CAL Suite, consisting of the following client access licenses:
      • Windows Server CAL
      • Sharepoint Standard CAL
      • Exchange Standard CAL
      • System Center Configuration Manager Client Management License

It goes without saying that license conditions must be observed when using products. The license terms of the two volume license agreements mentioned above can be found in the following documents (some of them can only be accessed internally by Kiel University):


For the installation of the products from the above contracts, installation files are required that have been downloaded from the computing centre of Kiel University from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). These installation files are made available to the Kiel University's IT representatives (ITBs) for installation purposes within the institution.

(An ITB is a role of an employee of Kiel University defined in the emerging IT governance of Kiel University. ITBs are decentralised IT contact persons for the computing centre of Kiel University who are appointed and authorised by the institutions).

Here follows a link/reference that leads to a download option for installation files for the products of the above volume license agreements. After clicking on this link they will be asked for their user name/password. ITBs of Kiel University known in the computing centre can authenticate themselves by entering their agreed computing centre account (in the Active Directory (AD) of Kiel University) and then gain access to the files.

By clicking on the following link, the ITB enters into the following obligations:

  • The ITB accepts the above license conditions of the products downloaded by him/her in the further steps and declares his/her commitment to these license conditions.
  • The ITB declares that, in the event that the files are passed on to further persons, he/she will oblige the further persons to accept the corresponding licence conditions, to declare themselves bound by them and not to pass on the files received.
    (A prepared declaration form (PDF in german) CAN be used for the obligation).

By clicking on this link, the clicking user accepts the above license terms/obligations and is taken to the download area (Login with RZ-Account in the Active Directory of Kiel University).