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A mailing list is a way of distributing mails centrally to several recipients, which are called subscribers. Unlike a simple circular email, in which several recipients are stated, the mail is send to a single address, a list address. A specific software (mailing list manager) on a list server receives the mails and delivers it to all members of the regarding list.

Mailing lists can not only serve for public or intragroup discussions, but also for distributing news. Whether a list is accessible only with a special permission or is available for everyone, who is in charge of using it, whether the mails are moderated prior to dispatch, whether the mails are publicly archived, and so on depends on the exact function of a list.

The mailing lists of the list server of Kiel University Computing Centre have the address format Members of Kiel University have the opportunity to apply for setting up their own mailing lists. The base for using mailing lists are the Guidelines for setting up and usage of mailing lists. Members and faculties of Kiel University are entitled to set up mailing lists.


Currently, Kiel University Computing Centre operates two procedures of using mailing lists:

Sympa list server
This software replaces the previous list server software Majordomo. The web interface Sympa not only makes setting up and administrating lists possible, but also lets authorized people apply for generating a mailing list. Administrative activities, list settings and access to list archives can be achieved via web interface.

Useful hints on operating Sympa:


Further information regarding the software Sympa can be obtained on the producers website:

Majordomo list server
This software still serves all mailing lists, which were set up before launching Sympa. The lists are administered via the web interface MajorCool.
Transferring old lists to Sympa can be applied for here: .

Further information regarding the software Majordomo can be obtained on the producers website:


A service availability of 99.98% is the aspired goal. If the service is nevertheless not available, please consider looking at the service ample on the right-hand side for figuring out whether there is a known problem regarding this service.

Service hours

Fault messages are accepted around the clock via the hotline form.


In case of any questions or problems please contact: Hotline, or phone (Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm) under 880-5555.