Gitlab version management and collaboration platform

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The RZ provides an own instance of the software 'gitlab'.

The functions include

Service structure

The registration takes place with the identifier for general services. An explicit activation is not necessary for the registration.

The computing centre sets up project groups on request. Eligible for application are the heads of the facilities known to the RZ. For each project group, one or more administrators can be defined, who are initially assigned to new project groups. Further administration of rights to subordinate groups and projects is carried out by the project administrators.

Within project groups, group administrators can independently

  • create new projects
  • delete projects
  • assign rights to any user (with valid RZ-LDAP identification)
When administering the software, you should pay attention to the license terms of the Gitlab software. In particular, projects and project groups must remain under the leadership of Kiel University or an affiliated institute.

The computing centre operates the 'gitlab' platform and ensures its availability and accessibility. Further support in its use is only provided within the available time frame.

Hints & Howtos

Hints & Howtos for using the service can be found on the corresponding websites of the computing centre (in german).

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the hotline, or by telephone (Mon-Fri 9-16) at 880-5555.



This list of responsible service supervisor is generated automatically.