Zoom: Accounts, Passwords and Login

Due to technical and organisatory reasons there has to be differentiated between two types of used accounts and passwords for the usage of zoom at Kiel University:

  • Members with an ongoing employment contract managed by the human resources division of Kiel University as well as all enrolled students do have an account in the identity provider of Kiel University. This account has already been created and can immediately be used with zoom. A registration at zoom is not necessary because of the available account at Kiel University.
    The account and the password are the same as the ones for the video conferencing service DFNconf. Employees need to use the personal account with six characters in the form of abc123, not the standard identifier with eight characters in the form of suabc123.

    Please note the detailed
    Hints for employees and students how to log in to zoom


  • Attention: After first login and before starting a meeting please verify in your zoom profile under 'Sign-In Email' whether your official e-mail address is correct and displayed. If one of your functional e-mail addresses, which is also assigned to you is displayed please contact  idmadmin@rz.uni-kiel.de stating your identifier and the correct official e-mail address. Please don't send invitations via the zoom system before the correction has been made. Please use your normal official e-mail account and other systems of Kiel University.
  • There are groups of persons, which are at the moment, mostly because of rules within the DFN ('German Research Network'), in which the CAU-IDP is a member, who have no account in the IDP, e.g. persons with no ongoing employment contract at Kiel University (as external lecturers) or whose contract is not managed by Kiel University (as research assistants of the Medical Faculty, whose contract is managed by UKSH ('University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein')).
    These people can get a seperate entry in the zoom entity of Kiel University.

I do not have an account in the identity provider, how can I still use zoom for my lectures?

  • If you are a member at the Medical Faculty without an account in the identity provider, please contact studiendekanat@med.uni-kiel.de via e-mail. An entry in the system will be arranged.
  • All other persons can be named via  registration site
    The intention is that external lecturers do not register themselves but are named through another person already registered within Kiel University.
    This site requires a login with a RZ-identifier with the corresponding password. It is reasonable that facilities manage these entries with a central representative.

If you have to be entered separatedly in the zoom entity, you will get an invitation e-mail, which can be used to verify your account on the website of the provider and to set a password. This password is then saved at the providers and if it has to be changed, it must be changed there too.
The e-mail address used at the registration will be your login name

Do I use zoom with a browser or with a client?

Basically the easiest way to use zoom to plan events and change settings is a webbrowser.

During a meeting as a host you normally should use the client provided for all common plattforms which has to be installed on your device. If you start a meeting or accept an invitation via the web interface, you will be directed to download and installation of the client.

It is also possible to follow meetings in a browser (recommended is Chrome), but then not all possibilities which can be used within the client are available.

How do I login to my account at zoom with a browser?

  • If you use an account in the identity provider (six characters, the last three digits) then please go to


    and choose 'Sign In'. You will be directed to the site of  'CAU identity provider'.
  • If you do not have an account in the IDP and already did get an invitation mail to create an account at zoom please visit


    There you choose 'Sign in'. On the following registration page you enter your e-mail address as well as the password which were used to create the account at zoom.

How do I login to my account at zoom with a client?

Start the zoom client or the zoom app on your device and select 'Sign in'.

  • If you are using an account in the identity provider (6 characters, the last three being digits), choose the option 'Sign in with SSO' on the right side.


    In the next field please enter 'uni-kiel.de' as vanity url:


    You will be directly forwarded to the CAU identity provider where you can enter your personal identifier (6 characters, the last three being digits) and the corresponding password.
  • If you do not have a personal identifier in the IDP enter on the the first page of the client your e-mail address with the corresponding password used to create the account.

    Windows-Login mit Email

I can not log in, what do I do?

Please contact  videoconf@rz.uni-kiel.de via e-mail with any further questions.