Recommendations for using Zoom

There are divers recommendations from the provider as well as from different sites on how to set configurations and to plan and hold the meetings.

Recommendations from the provider

The provider himself made some handouts with recommendations:

    • School Administrator’s Guide to Rolling Out Zoom

    • Best Practices for Securing Your Virtual Classroom

Additional direct recommendations

Some important recommendations should be mentioned here once more:

Using the personal meeting id is not recommended

It is recommended that the personal meeting id, which directly belongs to an account, is never used as a meeting id.

Always set a password for meetings

If only the knowledge of a meeting id is required to enter a meeting unwanted persons can gain access very easily. The meeting id is due to automated creation very easy to guess.

Consider to enable access only with a login

If all participants of the meeting do have an account in the zoom entity of Kiel University and obviously know their password, you can enable the option called
'Only authenticated users can join meetings'. Then the meeting id and the password are not enough but a login with a zoom account is required, mostly with the account in the identity provider.

This option only should be used if it is ensured that all participants meet the requirements mentioned above.

How to enable this option for your event and what to consider can be read on the following support site

Participation in meeting only with login

More control over participants by registration

You can demand a prior registration for the participation in a meeting. This gives you more control over the list of participants. Details can be found under