Prepare and schedule Meetings

Meetings in zoom can be started spontaneously but also can be planned in advance and marked as recurrent events to have to set up the configurations just once.

You can organize the events in the web browser as well as in an installed client application.

Detailed information about planning events can be found under

In addition some suggestions:

  • If you miss features of meetings or if you want different settings for your division, please visit the section of your personal settings. Some default settings for your account can be changed and some global disabled settings can be enabled.
  • In general you should not use the personal meeting id (PMI) but create a separate id to have the best protection against troublemaker.
  • It is still recommended to set a password for the meetings. The meeting ids are easy to guess. You have to inform the participants about the password.
  • Audio and video of every participant should be muted at the beginning of every meeting.
  • If you choose 'Only authenticated users can join meetings' every participant has to log in with his or her account before joining the event. This assumes that all participants have an account with a password. Although every enrolled student has an account in the identity provider, you should consider holding the first meetings without these settings (just with a meeting password) and indicate that every participant should test the login to the system and eventually set a password.


The starting point to the support sites of zoom is