Mac Os

Step 1

First, please download the appropriate FortiClient VPN client for your system from our pages (account password is required if the access is not from within the university network) or directly from the manufacturer Fortinet.

FortiClient for MacOS

FortiClient - Download bei Fortinet.


Step 2

Please start the program by clicking on the downloaded file. Then, the required files will be downloaded. After this, please click on "Install" for starting the installation.

Datei öffnen und ausführenBestätigen der InstallationDownloaden der Datei/Öffnen


Step 3

Please follow the instructions of the installation assistent. In the step "Installationstyp" you can deselect unneeded components. (e.g. virus scanner, if you are already using Sophos Antivirus). For using VPN services only, it is sufficient to only install the VPN client service.

Installions-ClientLizensbedingungen akzeptierenBestätigen der InstallationErfolgreiche Installion


Step 4

After successfully installing FortiClient, the FortiClient symbol will appear in the status menu on the left-hand side. Please click the symbol for opening FortiClient. Please click on "Remote Zugriff" and click on the gear for adding a new connection.

Konfiguration des Clients

VPN Einrichtung


Step 5

Please choose the VPN type "SSL VPN" and enter "" as remote gateway and your stu number (or su number for employees) as user name. You can choose a name for the connection and whether you want to save your log in. Please confirm with "Hinzufügen".Neue VPN-Verbindung hinzufügen

Step 6

Please enter your password and click on "Verbinden" for establishing the connection. You can disconnect by clicking on "Trennen", if you don't need the VPN connection anymore.Anmeldung mit RZ-Kennung, hier: stu-KennungErfolgreiche Verbindung mit dem CAU-Netz


Step 7

You can close the program, by clicking on the FortiClient symbol on the left-hand side of the status menu and select "FortiClient beenden".
Now, you also have the possibilty to connect with VPN without calling the program.

Verbindung Trennen



No access to online literature of the UB despite connected VPN


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