Configuring VPN

The following pages offer instructions and hints for connecting to the Kiel Universtiy network via VPN. Being connected to the university network is mandatory for using some of the services provided by Kiel Universtiy, for example accessing digital libraries or lecture notes of some faculties.

Please note, that for establishing an internet connection via WLAN (CAUx or EDUROAM) on Kiel University campus VPN is not required.

Please select your operating system from the list below or the menu on the left-hand side. In case your operating system is not listed, consulting our page containing general settings for using VPN might help you.

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) service enables you to use your computer as if you were on campus, enabling easy access to resources normally only available on campus. To use VPN you have to set up your computer correctly. Employees have to apply for the service, while students get to use VPN as part of their stu account.


Supported Operating Systems