Printing to the multi purpose copy systems from Windows

This document is a draft and might still contain errors.

The new multi purpose copy system deployed on the campus owned by Ricoh Germany are administrated by the facility management of the university. Please have a closer look at the infomations about usage of these devices at   Informationen, Hinweise und Anleitungen .


The following instructions are aimed at employees and scientists at the university, who intend to use the multi purpose copy systems deployed on the campus area. Students have to use other devices that have a different payment system and also differ in handling.

Connect to print server

Start the Windows Explorer and enter into the address line:






If your are logged into the university's Active Directory (AD)with your desktop system, you should get directly connected. Otherwise you have to use your computre center account to log into the AD. As username you use the domainname 'uni-kiel', followed by a backslash '\' and your accountname (see screenshot below) or your UPN within the AD.

If required, please notice: Information about logging in using different accounts on your local desktop and on central services


If your desktop computer is not integrated into the Active Directory and you don't want to have to enter your login data repeatedly, you can set the option 'Save login data'(?). Your login information and password  will then be savely stored within the 'Windows Credential Manager' on your system. They can automatically be used when contacting the print server at a subsequent day. However, after changing your password within the AD, you will have to update the new password on your local system as well.

Important: Please make sure that the local time of your computer is set correctly. Otherwise authentication might fail. You can  synchronize the local time of your computer with time servers of the university, e.g. "" (Hinweise zur Zeitsynchronisierung)

If you have successfully logged in, you will see the public queue names for printers.


You can connect to a printer by doing a right-click on the printer symbol and then chosing 'connect' in the context menu that's popping up. The printer will be configured on your system and the corresponding printer driver will be automatically downloaded and installed.


It is recommended to install the following queues

  • SecurePrint_color (PCL-Driver, Color)
  • SecurePrint_sw (PCL-Driver, Black and White)

Queues with names ending with 'PS'

  • SecurePrint_color_PS
  • SecurePrint_sw_PS

are PostScript-Queues.

Any more eventually offered Queues are for internal use and should not be used.


Before you release a Job at a copy system you should check on the display, whether the print will be as you intended. So it might be possible that the print will be using color mode, although you sent the job into a black and white queue. A color print is more expensive than a black and white print, so be sure to check that before releasing a job.