Connect network drive under Windows

Setting up the network drive in Windows 10.

Open the Windows Explorer by clicking on the icon  in your menu bar(taskbar)  
or by executing the key combination (Win key + e).
Right-click on This PC in the right column. Then select the Connect network drive... option from the list (context menu).
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Zum Vergrößern klicken
Now a window opens in which you have to enter the path of the network drive.
By checking the option Reconnect at logon, the drive will be mounted again even after Windows restarts.
You must also select the Connect with other credentials option to be able to specify the identifier and password. However, this option should only be set for the first drive to be connected to \\ The option should not be set for subsequent drives, otherwise the drive cannot be connected.


Server examples (click to open)




Folder: '\\\files\<exact path in the CIM-Service-Portal>'   
Username: 'uni-kiel\<user account>' 


Folder: '\\\<User account>\'

Folder: '\\\<Project name>\'



Folder: '\\\files\stu\home\<stu-id>'
Username  'uni-kiel\<Stu-Kennung>


For students, you can also find separate instructions at:
Netzlaufwerk verbinden mit Pafadangabe und Option zur Angabe eines anderen Benutzernames
In the following window you have to enter your username and the corresponding password. Before the username you have to specify the domain 'uni-kiel\' (see above). You can insert the backslash, between the domain and the username, with the key combination 'Alt Gr + ß'.
Auswahl zur Angabe und Eingabe der Benutzerkennung

The network drive then opens in Windows Explorer.

In addition, the drive is now permanently accessible in Windows Explorer under Computer.




Setup as network address


The steps described below are no longer necessary after successfully connecting the network drive (as described above). They are only intended to represent another possible way of using the centrally available storage areas.

Open the Explorer (Win key + e) and right click on 'This PC' in the right column. Further click in the context menu on Add network address.

Rechtsclick auf Computer

A wizard for adding a network address now opens. Click on 'Next'.

Willkommensansicht des Netzwerkadressen-Setups

Now you have to select where this should be created. Usually only one option is selectable there. Select 'Select a user-defined network address' and click on 'Next'.

Netzwerkadressen-Setup Ortsauswahl

Now the wizard asks for the network address which should be mounted as drive. The complete network address '\\\files\' can be found in the CIM service portal. Fill out the field completely and click on 'Next'.

Adresse ausfüllen mit Form \\uni-kiel\files\*


Now the wizard asks you for a name for the newly created drive. You can choose this name freely. Then click on 'Next'.

Laufwerknamen bestimmen

The last step in the wizard is the completion. Click Finish.

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