Installation on Windows

The CAU-Cloud uses the software Nextcloud. You can download the most recent version of the desktop sync client on the maintainers homepage.

Auswahl des Desktop-Clients für das passende Betriebssystem
On the download page you will find different desktop sync clients for Windows, MacOS as well as Linux. Please choose Windows.

Desktopn Client Installer - Welcome Page
At the start of the installation process you will see a welcome dialog. Press "Next" to get to the next screen.

Desktop client Instalaltions-Optionen
Please choose the installation options. Experienced users may choose different options than the default ones. Please click "Next" to proceed.

Desktop Client Installationspfad
Now you can choose the installation destination. For most users the default should be fine, but eel free to change if needed. Press "Install" to begin the installation process.

Desktop client - Instalaltion erfolgreich
During the installation you can see a progress bar on the top. After a couple of seconds you can go on with the button "Next".

Ende der Installation
The installation is finished now and you can choose to start the desktop sync client immediately. You can find additional information on the setup and usage of the desktop sync client in this tutorial.

Das Icon des Sync-Clients in der Windows Toolbar
If you chose to start the desktop sync client, you can open it via the task bar item. Otherwise you can start the application "Nextcloud" to start the desktop sync client.