Create app passwords

The CAU-Cloud allows the user to generate app-specific passwords. This can be useful for two reasons, to be able to disable access to different applications selectively and to support apps that are not able to use two factor authentication, if the user chose to enable it.

Das Account-Menü im Webinterface
In the web interface of the CAU-Cloud please open the setings menu in the upper right corner.

Erstellung eines App-Passworts
In the submenu "Security" you will find the section "Devices & sessions". On the bottom of the list you can enter a name for the application you want to generate an app token for. Then click "Create new app password".

Anzeige eines generieren App-Passworts
You will be presented with a generated password that can be used without the need of a second factor. It can be useful to gernate new passwords for different applications in order to be able to close the access of a specific application later.

In some applications you can choose to scan a QR-Code to eliminate the need of typing the password. Press "Show QR code for mobile apps" to view the code and follow the instructions of your application.