Manage groups

A group represents a pure sorting option within the CAU Cloud. The group membership is stored in the contacts, but most email clients do not use this information, but use different address books to order contacts. You cannot make any releases to a group within the CAU Cloud!

Create groups

Gruppen anlegen

To create a group, open the Contacts app and select the +-icon next to Groups in the left sidebar. Enter the desired name of the group in the text field and confirm your entry with Enter or a click on the arrow.

The example shows the creation of the group "Work".

Add individual contact to group

Kontakt zu Gruppe hinzufügen

To add a contact to a group, select the contact to be edited in the middle column. In the right column you can see the details of the contact, in the category Groups you can select the desired groups for the contact, or even create a new group by entering an unknown name.

The example shows the assignment of the contact "Max Mustermann" to the group "Work".

Add multiple contacts to group

Mehrere Kontakte in Gruppe hinzufügen

To add multiple contacts to a group, select the group you want to add contacts to in the left side list. Open the context menu by clicking the ...-button and select Add contacts. A dialog window will open, here you can search in the list of your contacts. Click on the contact name to add it to the group. Confirm the changes by pressing the button Add to group.

In the example you can see how the contacts "Alice Johnson", "Bob Smith" and "Carol Xmas" are added to the group "Work".

Delete group

Gruppe löschen

A group is deleted when the last contact in the group is removed from the group. In the middle column, select the contact you want to edit. In the right column you will then see the details of the contact, in the category Groups you can remove the chosen groups for the contact. When the last contact has been removed from the group, the group will be deleted automatically. To make the changes visible, you should reload the Contacts app.

In the example you can see how "Alice Johnson" is removed as the last contact from the group "Private", this will delete the group. The changes will be visible only after the Contacts app is reloaded.