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Brief description

Dialogue-oriented program system for numerical computation and for visualization of results.


Current version (as of 01.12.2020)                     R2020b


Who can use it:

- Employees and students at the CAU with an active CIM ID.

- Guest lecturers / professors with a CAU email address. If you do not have a CAU email address, you can contact the head of the institute / faculty,
where you are visiting lecturer / professor; Apply for an email address with the new supplementary application.

- Scientific staff of the UKSH with a CAU email address, if the scientific staff does not have an IDP ID (z-B- abc 123) of the CAU, please write an email to campus


! Attention ! :
Mathworks accounts that log into the campus license with a private email address will be removed.
Please create a math work account with your stu e-mail address or university employee e-mail address.


Who is NOT allowed to use it:

Employees of affiliated institutes / affiliated institutions



Since December 1st, 2020 there has been a campus-wide Matlab license at the CAU, which is licensed until November 30th, 2023.

There are no costs for CAU employees and students at the CAU.


Components of the Campus Wide License

License type

 computer and
user (login name on the computer) bound  

is obtained automatically
via Matlab-Portal with active  CIM-ID ( e.g. abc123 or stu12345 )
Designated Computer-bound

Email to

concurrent    IP und/oder Rechner gebunden Email to




How can you use it?

CAU staff / students:

Registration is via the CAU's Matlab portal

You have to register via single sign-on with your CIM personal identification (e.g. abc123) and the account password

Then you have to set up a Mathworks account with your university service address / stu email address.

! Attention ! :
Mathworks accounts that log into the campus license with a private email address will be removed.


Help :

Create a MathWorks account:

Install MATLAB

Updating campus-wide license

System requirements and platform availability

If you have any questions, please write an email to



Licence server

Only network licenses whose use is controlled by a license server are managed via the computing centre. The computers on which Matlab is used must be on the campus network to connect to the license server.
Test connection with the license server


Other toolboxes available at the Kiel University

For 'Additional Toolboxes', please check on the Mathworks product page to see if your selected toolbox is dependent on additional toolboxes. You can find the dependency on other toolboxes by selecting the desired toolbox and then clicking on 'System Requirements' on the 'Toolbox Page' in the left menu.
If you have selected a product that requires additional toolboxes. Then you must book these toolboxes additionally, in the same quantity as the selected product, unless you have already booked the required toolboxes.





The software contains online manuals

Single user licenses

CAU employees and students with an active CIM ID can request single-user licenses via the Matlab CAU portal.

Guest lecturers / professors should send their CAU email address to campus



Software distribution: via the windows file server


Registration takes place with:

Username: uni-kiel\<RZ identifier>

Password: Your account password

The query may appear twice!

further information



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Installation under Linux/Unix
Installation under OS X
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