Price list poster print

Validity: 2019-02-01 - 2023-12-31

Kiel University awarded 'W.E.  Gut Gedruckt GmbH & Co. KG‘, Knooper Weg 175, 24118 Kiel a contract after a tendering by the supply department in cooperation with Kiel University Computing Centre in December 2018 for years 2019 - 2020. More detailed information can be obtained at

This document contains a price list for the services offered.                        

Price list for different materials

You can choose between the following materials.

Material   Short description  price category
EMBLEM Latex Posterpapier  170g photo paper, glossy price category 1
Smart Matt Paper  180g, high quality, matt price category 1
EMBLEM Blueback professional       120g, silk-matt, 
suitable for outdoor use       
price category 1
enviro®top 150g      150g, Recycling paper      price category 1
OCE Red Label   75g paper price category 2
Mediatex Vento FR*  textile fabric 220g  price category 3
2D vinyl film transparent / white* glossy, polymere film with protective laminate, can be glued price category 3
OCE Tyvek Banner stable Polyolefin-banner polyolefinmaterial 75g price category 4

*minimum purchase for Mediatex Vento and 2D vinyl film FR prints is 0,5m2, which is equal to DIN A1 size.

The gross prices of the regarding price categories are from 2023-01-01:


  A0  A1  A2  Special sizes
price category 1   15,35 € 8,75 €  4,27 € 15,35 € / m2
price category 2  11,68 € 6,91 €  3,35 € 11,68 € / m2
price category 3  32,69 € 17,42 € - 32,69 € / m2
price category 4  24,34 € 13,25 € 6,52 € 24,34 € / m2

Service price

The following services are included in the above mentioned prices

  • fourfold format cutting
  • daily delivery to the return room at Kiel University Computing Centre at 9 am.
  • data check and data review (not content-related) 
  • format control and if necessary adjustment (after consultation)
  • checking embedded layers
  • technical support by phone/email during opening hours

The following additional services are provided fee-based.

Prices from 2023-01-01:

Service price (gross) 
hot lamination, matt or glossy *

A0: 26,25 €,
A1: 14,32 €,
A2: 7,04 €,
Special sizes 26,25 € / m2

Delivery Kiel-Mitte / centre  20,00 €
Delivery up to 5kg, national  12,50 €
international delivery  on request
Scanning on request
Contour cut 2D vinyl film on request, depends on effort and is only possible in combination with print order on 2D vinyl film

*Lamination can only be offered for media of price category 1, it can't be done for INAPA Tecno Premium paper or for textile fabric.


Invoice Generation

Billing is performed directly by the provider via email to the billing address assigned to the regarding billing code.

For any extra invoices in addition to the quarterly invoices an invoice creation fee of 5,00 € (plus taxes) per invoice will be charged.


Gut-Gedruckt can be contacted by phone 0431 / 888 6450 and email

In case you have any questions or improvement suggestions regarding this service feel free to contact us: