Forgot your RZ-Pin?

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You have received your RZ-Pin with your enrollment documents or shortly after begin of your contract, respectively. The RZ-Pin allows the login to the CIM service portal. It can not be used to log in to other services.

Request a new RZ-Pin

If you do not have your RZ-Pin at hand, you can request a new RZ-Pin via e-mail. To use this function, you must have provided a verified contact e-mail address. For students, the stu-mail address is configured as contact address by default. You can set your contact e-mail address in the CIM service portal.

Use the following link to request a new RZ-Pin via via e-mail:

Request a RZ-Pin in the CIM service portal



If you have questions, problems or did not provide a contact e-mail address, please contact the Hotline, or via phone: 880-5555 (mo.-fr. 9am-4pm).