Domain Name Service

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The DNS service is one of the most important services in the network, its main task is name resolution. For humans, names such as '' (URL) are easier to remember and to use than the corresponding numerical address, in this case the numerical address For computers and network components, character strings are normally not processable. Name resolution mediates between these two requirements by translating names into addresses and if possible vice versa.

Range of service

The DNS translates alphanumeric names into pure numeric addresses and vice versa. The settings necessary to use the DNS servers of Kiel University can be found under Central Computer and IP Addresses.

Your benefits

The DNS can be used like an 'Internet phone book'.


The service is available 24 hours a day in normal operation.

Service hours

Fault reports are received around the clock via the hotline form.


If you have any questions or problems, please contact the hotline, or by telephone (Mon-Fri 9-16) at  880-5555.


No registration required for this service.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


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