Distributed calendar

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The University Computing Centre provides a calendar service to all members of Kiel University, which is valid for the duration of employment or the length of study. The user has the possibility to set up calendars, manage calendars with a website or with a CalDAV-capable programs/Apps and distribute them to other calendar service users.


For using the calendar service a valid mail service account at the University Computing Centre is required. The user name and the password of the mail service is also valid for the calendar service. This also applies to students and their stu accounts.





Settings for end users/ terminal devices:


Mozilla Lightning

caldav-URL: https://cal.mail.uni-kiel.de/ucaldav/user/<USERNAME>/calendar


Apple iCal, iPhone and iPod touch

caldav-URL: https://cal.mail.uni-kiel.de/ucaldav/principals/users/<USERNAME>/


Android (Plugins from dmfs.org)

caldav-URL: https://cal.mail.uni-kiel.de/ucaldav/user/<USERNAME>/

carddav-URL: https://cal.mail.uni-kiel.de/ucarddav/user/<USERNAME>/





If the service is not available, please consider looking at the service ample on the right-hand side for figuring out whether there is a known problem regarding this service.


In case of any questions or problems please contact the Hotline, hotline@rz.uni-kiel.de or phone (Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm) under 880-5555.