Participation in Meetings only with Login

One possibility to keep away unwanted participants and troublemaker from your own meetings is to require a login before joining the meeting with a account from Kiel University.

Set login for participants as default requirement

We recommend to make adjustments in your own seetings to not have to repeat all settings in every meeting to be created. Change to the interface of zoom in your browser, navigate to your personal settings then to the tab 'Meeting' and there click on 'Schedule a new meeting'. You will find the option '

    Only authenticated users can join meetings

When this option is enabled additional settings will be displayed:

Einstellungen Login01

In this context means:

  • 'Sign in to Zoom': This option allows any users to join the meeting, as long as they are signed into their Zoom account, it is not required to be one at Kiel University.
  • 'Uni Kiel mail address': An account with an e-mail address ending with '' is required.


The first option does not make sense f yyou want to keep away troublemaker. So choose for this option 'Hide in selection'.


After this the general option for using any zoom account is hidden and the Kiel University specific option is set by default.

Enable login when planning a meeting

If you plan a meeting enable under meeting options following option

  'Only authenticated users can join meetings'

If you already have changed your default setting as mentioned above the box belonging to 'Only authenticated users can join meetings' is already checked and you should see the specifications of the demanded e-mail domain:


Meeting planen mit Login01


If you have not changed your default settings the general login with any zoom account is set as default. With a click you can display the options and the specific Kiel University profile:

Meeting planen mit Login 02

Please note: Every Participant needs to have an account

Please not that all participants need an account in zoom belonging to an e-mail address ending with ''. All enrolled students do have such an account.

If login problems should occur, ask to check for the e-mail address used to create the zoom account displayed in the personal profil. If an incorrect address or none is assigned please contact for correction

What is the direct cause of this setting for participants that want to join the meeting?

Even if the participants know the meeting id and the meeting password, they have to sign in if they want to join the meeting:


If the login is successful but the e-mail address is not assigned to one of the approved domains an error message will occur:

Fehlermeldung falsche Domain