Description / Function

What or who is zoom?

  • Zoom is an American company, which offers services for video conferencing.

  • In April 2020 Kiel University concluded a contract with the supplier for using these services.

For which purpose can zoom be used at Kiel University?

  • The University Board of CAU and the data protection officer released the use for teaching purposes to ensure education.
  • The system can not be used for meetings in which highly sensitive personal data is exchanged e.g. exams, applications, appointments.
  • The same applies to meetings with other sensible data e.g. in the context of research collaborations, considering secret data, latest research findings, external funds, patent discussion, etc.

What exactly do you do with zoom?

Zoom is a provider for video conferencing within which lectures can be transmitted via video stream. It is possible to have single windows (e.g. with a presentation or an application program). In addition you can write or draw on a so called whiteboard. Participants are able to interact via chat or video.

It is also possible to join a meeting via phone.

How many participants can join a meeting?

The number of participants is limited by default to 300.

If you need to hold a bigger event the corresponding identifier can be unlocked for the use of a 'Large Meeting Add On'. Please contact via e-mail and provide following information:

  • name of the person who is holding the big event
  • e-mail adress
  • identifier (if known)
  • name of the event
  • expected number of participants

This is followed by the activation for usage of the "add on licence".

Is zoom accessible?

For further information please visit

How can student and research assistants use zoom?

Student assistants are often involved in education, e.g. as supervisors for practice groups or internships.

Therefore this group of people can get a full-fledged zoom account.

How can students use zoom?

Students only hold a 'Basic' status after logging in with their IDP account in zoom. Therefore they are members but can only hold events themselves up to 40 minutes. At meetings with the addition 'Only authorized users can participate' such a login is required to prove membership at Kiel University and to be able to participate in this meeting.

If students are integrated into education without having an ongoing position as student assistant and need to hold meetings (e.g. practice groups), please send a list with their names and stu-numbers to before arranging the meeting. Afterwards their accounts will be activated to hold such meetings.