Web pages using PHP/MySQL

Brief instructions for uploading webpages to your web space.



 suabc123 works as a placeholder for your account in the following.

Upload der Webseiten

Server upload2.rz.uni-kiel.de - access with SFTP, FTP or SSH
Username suabc123
Directory /www/suabc123/htdocs
Password has to be set in CIM-Portal  (Service: "Webhosting")
URL www.xyz.uni-kiel.de (normally as requested)


The upload server is accessible only from inside the university network https://www.rz.uni-kiel.de/go/vpn. (Your website itself is of course visible worldwide.)


Server suabc123.mysqldb.rz.uni-kiel.de
database name suabc123
database user suabc123
database password as told

Administrationsoberfläche für die Datenbank: https://www.uni-kiel.de/rz/phpmyadmin/?server=8



Please tell us, if directories shall be writable.