Using the new multi-purpose printers starting December 2021

This information applies to the new campus copiers whose rollout will take place starting in December 2021.
The information on the previous copiers can be found in the information on the previous campus copiers

The Ricoh multifunction printers are managed
by the Facilities Management.
You will also find information, notes and instructions (in german) on how to use the printers and the billing codes there.

The Ricoh multifunction devices installed on campus can also be used as printers if you install appropriate drivers.

In this case, you do not print directly to a specific device, but to a central queue on the print server. You can then basically go to any connected device, identify yourself there and start your printouts.  Only then are the print files transferred from the central server to the device.

Below are some brief instructions for integrating the devices under different operating systems:


Information on 'Copy and Print Management'see also: 'FAQ'

If you have problems using the print function under Windows computers, please refer to the help page on printing problems (in german)

Copy cards can be reassigned when employees* leave, please refer to the documentation for reassignment of copy cards (in german)