Access to central storage for students (Windows user)

Getting access to your own data, which are in the home directory of the central file server for students is possible from all pcs, which are within the campus network.

Access to campus network via VPN
If a connection from the notebook network or from home should be established, in most cases, connecting via  OpenVPN is required.

Connecting with network drive

In case of an existing connection to the campus network, the storage can be accessed. Windows user simply have to click: "Extras" -  "Netzlaufwerk verbinden":

Netzwerklaufwerk Windows


Please enter the following as a the folder name: "\\\files\stu\home\<loginname>" 
(for example: \\\files\stu\home\stu12345 )

Make sure you marked "Verbindung mit anderen Anmeldeinformationen herstellen". Please always enter "uni-kiel\<loginname>" as user name und use your stu password.

Successful access

In case of a successful connection you can now access your data. Data storage on the file server is limited. The available storage is be displayed.

Backup and shadow copies

All data on the file server are saved by backups. For data storage a Windows 2012 storage server cluster is used. There, shadow copies are created.


In case of any questions feel free to mail us: