Access to central storage for students (Linux user)

Hint: for setting up the integration root privileges are required. Lines of codes, which start with a $ can be executed as a regular user. Thos lines that start with a # have to be executed as root or with using sudo. Please note that the symbols $ and # are not part of the input.

For integrating the directory the package cifs-utils is required. Have to install the package depends on the used distribution. Ubuntu user can use the following command:

# apt-get install cifs-utils

A single integration via mount into the directory /mnt can be obtained by entering:

# mount -t cifs //***** /mnt -o user=stu*****

Please note that for stu***** the regarding stu account number has to be entered. (for example stu12345)

Then the password of stu account has to be entered. If there is no error message the mounting of the directory should have been successful.

Permanent mounting

The mounting of the directory does only last until the next reboot. For mounting the directory easier next time an entry in the file /etc/fstab has to be created.

for example:

//***** /mnt cifs rw,user,noauto,credentials=/path/to/cred.conf 0 0

Options, which are not desired, can simply be omitted. The options stand for:
stands for read-write: In das Verzeichnis kann geschrieben werden.
No root priviliges are required for mounting or unmounting this directory.
The directory will not be automatically at system start. This option should only be omitted, if there is always an established connection to the campus network at system start.
File with username and password. This way, the password has not have to be written into the fstab. Alternatively it is possible to write the information from the file directly into the fstab. Der content of the file should look like this:

For mounting the drive it is now enought to enter the following command:

$ mount /mnt