Contacts and groups

Kontakt-Applikation Übersicht

The CAU Cloud offers the possibility to maintain contacts in address books and to use them e.g. in a mail client. In addition to contacts and address books, groups and circles can also be managed. This seems a bit confusing at first, so the terms should be explained first:

  • Contact
    A contact corresponds to the business card of a person. Contact data such as name, phone numbers and addresses are stored here
  • Address book
    An address book is a collection of contacts. Each contact can only exist in one address book, you can import the address books individually in your email program, or share them with other CAU Cloud members and maintain them together
  • Groups
    A group represents a pure sorting option within the CAU Cloud. The group membership is stored in the contacts, but most email clients do not use this information, but use different address books to order contacts. You cannot make any releases to a group within the CAU Cloud!
  • Circles

    Circles are a collection of contacts for use in CAU Cloud. Circles can contain CAU Cloud members, as well as business cards from contacts or others by mail address. A circle can be visible to others at the owner's request, likewise CAU Cloud members can join a circle or request to be included in the circle at the owner's request. These circles can be used within CAU Cloud to prepare recurring user groups to use for file sharing, but also chat rooms.


For more information on how to use the Contacts application, please refer to the following subpages